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If you are faced with a legal problem, trying to defend yourself, defend your rights, and you need a highly qualified lawyer – contact ORDER Law Corporation! We do not advise for free, we protect the interests of our clients with high quality!

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Civil cases of any complexity

We represent your interests in civil proceedings 
Family disputes, including:

Divorce (possibly without your participation);

Rights of children;

Establishment of paternity;

Determination of the place of residence of minor children;

Exercise of parental rights and parent-child contact;

Deprivation of paternal rights;

Alimony recovery;

Reducing alimony payments;

Division of property.

Housing disputes of any complexity, including:

Moving in or eviction from a residential unit;

Recognition of right to a residential unit;

Drawing up contracts of purchase and sale, donation, lease.

Inheritance disputes, including:

Invalidation of a Will;

Recognition of right to a statutory share in inheritance;

Restoration of period for acceptance of inheritance;

Ascertainment of the fact of acceptance of inheritance;

Declaration of ownership by way of inheritance;

Distribution of inheritance;

Recognition of the heir unworthy.

Other categories of civil cases:

Consumer rights protection;

Recovery of civil damages and debts;

Disputes with insurance companies;

Loan and mortgage disputes;

Оформление земельных участков в собственность;

Assistance in privatization

Act before it's too late...

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